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Realise your vision for your new home with M Jarrald Construction’s bespoke, client-led new home building service.

We take pride in bringing our clients’ new build plans to life. Combining the skill of our expert new home builders with trusted architects and engineers, this truly bespoke option delivers exceptional homes in line with precise requirements using quality planning, craftsmanship, materials, and delivery.

Our new house construction team understand that a new home is more than just a project or case study, and is instead an embodiment of you, your lifestyle, and your preferences. They also know that your requirements for construction are as individual and unique as your new home’s design. This is why each of our new home build projects is completed on an entirely bespoke basis and finished to meet every possible client request. From the initial consultation through to our last day on-site and beyond, we aim to deliver a personal, professional, and transparent construction service, supporting you in completing the most important project of your life to an exceptional standard.

Why choosE M Jarrald to build your new home?

No-Obligation Consultation
Building a home is a large project and a big commitment. If you think this service could be the right option for you but don’t know where to start, or need further clarification, our free, no-obligation consultation could give you the information you need regarding the process, alongside approximate timescales and costs.
Safety First
Safety is at the heart of our work. Each of our new homes is built to standard and is subject to relevant checks and signoffs throughout the construction process, alongside a structural engineer's report signed by building control and fire safety, certifying the safety of your property.
Competitive Prices
We understand the importance of budget. Our close, longstanding relationships with leading suppliers mean that we are able to provide the most competitive prices for the highest quality products on the market, from bricks to bathrooms.
Exceptional Quality
Quality is implemented at every stage of our extension service. Our communication, build quality, and materials, alongside every other aspect of our process, are delivered to the highest possible standards.
Comprehensive Service
Starting from scratch? The M Jarrald team can put you in contact with a number of highly skilled and experienced architects and planners in order to put your plans to paper before on-site work begins.
Complete Control
Your new build will be completed in line with your designs and exact specifications, with nothing kept behind closed doors. The M Jarrald process is transparent from start to finish and offers a direct line of communication between the client and the project manager, who will be available to answer questions and assist at any time.
Recent New home Construction Projects
Building Exceptional New house Builds
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Berners Street
Berners Street

A remodel and renovation to a charming Georgian townhouse in the heart of Ipswich, Suffolk.

Turner Road
Turner Road

M Jarrald Construction extended, remodelled and refurbished a semi-detached property on Turner Road, Colchester.

Harts Cottage
Harts Cottage

M Jarrald extended and provided extensive refurbishment to this charming, detached home in Kersey, Suffolk.

Quality, Craftsmanship, Honesty and Professionalism
30 Years of Experience
Our carefully selected, tight-knit team of construction and carpentry professionals have delivered an unmatched level of service, skill, and craftsmanship to clients for over 30 years.
Fully Qualified & Accredited
Maintaining our team’s knowledge and skill set is essential to ensuring the quality of our work. We are fully accredited and regularly partake in new certifications and courses.
Bespoke Delivery
Each of our projects is undertaken on an entirely individual basis, meaning our range of services can be tailored to the precise requirements of our clients.
Family Owned & Operated
We are a proud family business, owned and operated by leading general carpenter and builder, Martin Jarrald.
Honest & Transparent
Honestly and transparency are key to the success of a project. Our team pride themselves on their integrity and openness from initial contract through to post-completion, offering end-to-end support.
Quality, Craftsmanship, Honesty and Professionalism
30 Years of Experience
Our carefully selected, tight-knit team of construction and carpentry professionals have delivered an unmatched level of service, skill, and craftsmanship to clients for over 30 years.
Fully Qualified & Accredited
Maintaining our team’s knowledge and skill set is essential to ensuring the quality of our work. We are fully accredited and regularly partake in new certifications and courses.
Bespoke Delivery
Each of our projects is undertaken on an entirely individual basis, meaning our range of services can be tailored to the precise requirements of our clients.
Family Owned & Operated
We are a proud family business, owned and operated by leading general carpenter and builder, Martin Jarrald.
Honest & Transparent
Honestly and transparency are key to the success of a project. Our team pride themselves on their integrity and openness from initial contract through to post-completion, offering end-to-end support.

End to End Support: Our Promise

M Jarrald Construction is more than just a new home construction company. Our skilled team of new house construction specialists combine technical expertise and a client-first approach to deliver excellence at every touchpoint. From our initial consultation to post-completion, we promise to communicate with complete honesty, finish your project to the highest possible standard, and provide results to your satisfaction.

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Paul Butler-Smith
Layham, Suffolk

Martin and Ben were exactly what you dream of from a builder. They arrived when they said they would and finished when they said they would. The standard of their work and their employees was exemplary. Their quote was very accurate and any adjustments were completely fair and of no surprise.
I would recommend them wholeheartedly, and I look forward to their work on another project next Spring.

Sally Fisher
Hadleigh, Suffolk

Martin and his amazing team have spent the last few months refurbishing my house. They installed a new kitchen, replastered most of the walls, and converted a large bathroom into a bedroom and bathroom. Every single tradesperson sent to the house has been professional, courteous, and always left the house in a clean, tidy state. Nothing was too much trouble and I cannot recommend these guys enough.

Sameer Sah
Colchester, Essex

We highly recommend Ben and his team for the quality of their work, their professionalism, and their attention to our requirements. They completed a single story extension at our house in Colchester as per the schedule and to cost quoted. The finish is great and everyone who has seen our extension now wants one! Thanks to all of you for a wonderful job!

Nicole Knock
Hadleigh, Suffolk

Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend M Jarrald Construction. They have recently completed an open plan extension for us and everyone just says ‘wow’! We are very pleased with all aspects of the build from start to finish, all tradesmen involved with our project have been fabulous and extremely trustworthy. Thank you to Martin and all the guys.

Lisa Herron
Hadleigh, Suffolk

Martin and Ben are great to work with. They have given us a fabulous new space in our house which makes a difference to our lives every day. They have been reliable throughout the build and have responded swiftly to any problems.

Hannah Keeling

We have been very impressed with M Jarrald. They recently finished fitting our single-storey kitchen/diner extension and we are so pleased with it. Every team they sent was very polite, knowledgeable and so happy to help. The site was kept tidy, deadlines were pretty much kept to, as well as the budget! The place feels quite deserted without someone on site now it is finished. We would hesitate to recommend M Jarrald and will definitely use them again when the need arises!

Amy Boliver

We’ve had extensive works carried out by M Jarrald Construction. Ben G has been brilliant to work with throughout the project. His team on site have been amazing. They’ve all been great fun to have around. They’ve all been polite, friendly, professional, and worked incredibly hard. Ben and Kyle did an amazing job on our new driveway and patio renovation. Tony did an absolutely incredible job with all the carpentry. The 3 of them, as well as the electricians, plasterers and plumbers, went above and beyond and worked incredibly hard. Any issues have been resolved quickly by Ben or the guys on site.

Raluca Francis

Martin and his team are absolutely fantastic! We just had our house refurbished, a large extension added on the back, bathroom remodelled and a new kitchen installed. They have been amazing from the beginning to the end! The site was always extremely tidy and the tradesmen were very professional and helpful. The final result is stunning and the quality of work is excellent! We will definitely be using them in the future! Thank you so much for all your hard work!

Request a callback
The M Jarrald Construction team are happy to assist with any query. Whether you have precise plans for a new build construction project or don’t quite know where to start, our new house builders will be happy to guide you to the best solution for your project. Get in contact with us using the form below, reach out via messenger or email, or visit our friendly team in person at our Hadleigh High Street office.

    Building Regulations

    House Building Process

    What phases should you expect?

    Building a house is no simple task, though with the correct planning and persistence the final product will be the home you’ve always dreamed of! Our most accomplished house building experts have compiled the process from start to finish, to help guide you through the steps to build a house. Project timelines are unique and can vary from house to house – our guide should only be used as a general example.


    Pre build considerations

    A few factors will need to be thought through before moving into construction. Where will your house be located? How are you arranging the finances of the build? Do you have the correct and sufficient insurance in place? Last but not least, who will design your dream home with you?


    Site preparation

    Your new home needs a prepared plot of land to be built on, clear of any debris and vegetation; your groundworks professionals within your chosen construction company will complete this stage. You’ll also need to connect to the local utilities such as mains gas and electricity.


    Laying foundations

    Working out what foundation type will suit your house as early as possible is best for your budget and schedule. All foundations will follow a basic process; trenches are excavated, cement is poured and surveyed, then a damp proof course of bricks/blocks is installed. Once complete, house building begins!


    Building the superstructure

    This will be where the shell of your new house is constructed; it’ll gain height and you’ll see the outline come to life. Depending on the method of building your home, the timeframe of this step can vary; researching and deciding on the appropriate approach is crucial.


    The roof

    Once your walls are formed in your superstructure, adding the roof to your house will really make it come together. Roof trusses will be spaced and secured then felt and undercloaking will be added to the wooden beams. Following this, tiling can take place.


    Get your house weathertight

    Getting your house ‘weathertight’ means that the elements won’t affect the structural integrity of your new build house. All windows and doors will be fitted and anything that could possibly let in water is tightly secured; your architect will carry out an air-tightness test to confirm this is successful.


    First fix

    Carpentry, plumbing and electrical works such as floor construction, door frames, pipework and positioning powerpoints will take place at this stage. After plastering is completed, the works carried out at this stage will be hidden.


    External works

    External factors of new house construction are vital to the delivery of a fully functioning final product. Drive/pathways, drainage and basic landscaping will be completed at this stage including a drain inspection; to ensure your appliances and waterworks perform correctly.


    Internal works

    Your attention will generally now turn to the interior of your new home. Work on the floor will be continued, plasterboard will be fixed to the ceilings and studded partitions and a skim coat added. Your house is transforming into a beautiful blank canvas, no longer just wooden beams and plain blocks!


    Second fix and internal finishes

    Your personal choices will come to life at this stage. The chosen flooring will be laid, kitchen and bathrooms fitted and doors will be hung. Then, a thorough clean of your new home will be necessary prior to any final touches and decorating.



    Time to put down the tools and pick up your paintbrush as you’re on the home straight! This is arguably the most exciting part of your house build process (whether or not you do the decorating yourself). Once everything is dry and finished, soft furnishings can be used to transform your dream home.


    Finishing touches and snagging

    It is important to keep a log of any scrapes, chips or incomplete work you may come across when decorating. This will form a ‘Snagging List’ and should be brought to the builders’ attention for correction. Final documentation will also need to be obtained at this stage before relaxation in your home may begin.

    New Home Builders FAQs

    How long do new builds take to build?

    The length of time taken to complete a bespoke new build on an individual basis varies hugely according to the complexity and nature of the project’s design, alongside other factors such as the construction contractor selected, the presence of additional subcontractors, budget constraints, supplies, permissions and permits, and more.

    An entirely bespoke home completed without external or uncontrollable delays will be completed, on average, in nine months.

    Looking for a skilled, trusted construction company to complete your new build project? Whether you have precise plans for a project or don’t quite know where to start, our new house builders will be happy to guide you to the best solution for your requirements. Get in contact with us online, or visit our friendly team in person at our Hadleigh High Street office for a free, no-obligation consultation.

    Should I build or buy a house?

    There are many factors to take into consideration when deciding whether to purchase an existing house or take the leap and create a bespoke property. Although unique requirements and circumstances are present in any project, our team have put together an overarching list of pros and cons for bespoke new builds:


    - Custom new builds are often significantly cheaper than purchasing a property of the same calibre from a developer.

    - If completed in line with an effective budget, a bespoke build can often be worth in excess of 20% more than its build cost (including land prices).

    - Clients are able to influence every design element of their build, including energy efficiency.

    - Stamp duty is charged on the value of the land purchased rather than that of the finished property


    - Finding and acquiring planning permission for a plot of land suited to your requirements can be a long and difficult process to undergo alone. A project manager or consultant may be able to assist in this.

    - During construction, the client will need somewhere to live. This may result in an extended stay in a current property, or rental property, resulting in further expense.

    - Overseeing the project can be a stressful process, particularly for more complex projects.

    - Without savings appropriate for the project scale, cash flow may become an issue, as most mortgage funding is released in stages.

    How much does a new build house cost?

    The cost of your bespoke new build can vary significantly in accordance with the proposed design, specification, and location, alongside the chosen management and contract team selected. Due to this, it’s hard to provide any kind of answer as to how much a bespoke new build will cost without a consultation, during which architectural plans and requirements will be assessed and discussed.

    Without a consultation, one of the most basic ways to calculate a very broad approximate cost for your build is by using average £/m2 building prices.

    In order to discuss your project budget, or for a free, no-obligation consultation with our team of construction experts, please contact us online, or visit our friendly team in person at our Hadleigh High Street office.

    Where do you find new construction homes?

    Building a home is an exciting and rewarding life experience, but can be stressful if proper planning is not completed in the early stages of the project. In order to ensure your custom build goes smoothly and is completed in line with your plans, it’s essential that your first steps involve creating a brief for an architect that fulfils your key needs, setting an approximate budget, reaching out to and acquiring a team of architects and contractors willing to meet your requirements within your budget, and finally, purchasing a plot of land suitable for your project. After these steps, the real design and construction work can begin.

    Are new construction homes a good investment?

    Depending on the build schedule of your new build, it is best to complete planning during winter and early spring, whilst taking advantage of milder weather in the spring and summer months to complete construction quickly, and without delay. Completing the vast majority of your project in the warmer months will allow for more daylight (meaning longer working days and maximal efficiency), alongside optimal temperatures for working conditions and materials on site.

    If you’re considering constructing a bespoke new build home, but don’t know where or when to start, reach out to the M Jarrald team for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll be happy to help get things started.

    How to choose a builder for your new home?

    Finding a company for your new build is easy, but finding the right company may be a challenge. To avoid getting involved with ‘cowboy builders’, comprehensive research before making a decision is vital. Ensure when looking for building companies that your options are in fact accredited; vetting their trade and credit history and insurance will give you peace of mind before committing to them.

    Before shortlisting builders to vet, you’ll need to consider the scope of knowledge and skill needed to carry out your new build plans. Larger and more complex projects will generally require a specialist construction company rather than a general builder - meaning that your plans will often dictate your choices. For example, a good general builder can build a loft extension, and a good carpenter is capable of constructing a staircase - however, for a full new build house project, a comprehensive company will generally be needed to take care of the process from start to finish. This way, all of your communications will generally be with a project manager and services from planning to snagging can be dealt with in-house.

    Recommendations may assist in choosing a builder from your shortlist. Family and friends will most likely be able to provide you with positive feedback on companies they’ve worked with. If you can’t obtain recommendations, deep-diving into the company’s website and social media (if applicable) will allow you to see previous work and reviews; after all, if a company is trustworthy they should have evidence of that.

    Where is the best place to build a house?

    Finding land to build your new house on may seem quite difficult - but with the right investigation, you’ll be able to source the perfect location. Here are some things to keep in mind whilst searching for a plot:

    Local amenities
    Are you looking for a new school? Do you need a local shop or gym? What about public transport? There are many amenities available across different pieces of land, and priorities vary from person to person. Think about what matters most to you and go on from there.

    Reduce search radius
    A large search area can produce a wide range of results, but searching across an area that is simply too big can be a common mistake people make. Reducing the size of your search area will produce more manageable results and allow you to conduct further research into each suitable plot.

    Do your background checks
    If you’re thinking about moving out of your comfort zone or to somewhere completely new, doing some background checks on the local area will reassure you of your decision. This could include researching local council information, whether your location is under a flight path or even looking into sites such as police.uk for local crime statistics.

    How to prepare for building a house?

    Vast projects such as housebuilding generally require significant preparation before construction begins. When outlining the process of bringing your new build to life, make sure you have a realistic budget; you don’t want to build an extravagant house that you can’t afford and enjoy. Speak to trusted financial advisors to set practical outlines that you can sustain.

    Finding and choosing the right area to build in can be tricky and a pricey part of your self build project. This process requires lots of research and consideration in order to achieve what you personally desire. The same goes for the design of your home - whether you work with an architect to formulate a bespoke design or pick a pre-existing plan.

    With the budget and land confirmed, it’s time to think about who will be constructing your home. You may want to project manage and have different contractors for different parts of the process. In this instance, you’ll want to gather your team of experts and discuss the plans for your new build home to ensure a smooth operation. However, some construction companies can offer a turnkey service to take the responsibility of planning and timing the phases of your build; this is a great way to ease pressure if you’re not familiar with housebuilding.

    What questions to ask your home builders?

    The list of things you can discuss with your builder is endless. Here are a few:

    Trust marks - Identifying whether a company is registered as limited or not could determine your confidence in them. Companies can also prove their knowledge, experience, and authority through trade association memberships - enforcing their accreditation within the building industry and making them a trusted company to work with.

    Trader Accreditation - The people involved in a company can also sway your decision massively; for example, having registered heating and electrical engineers (even if you think you may not need them) available to you will enhance your experience with your chosen company/tradesperson. Ask who else is on hand and if they too are members of approved trader schemes; support/clerical staff will also be a great help in your construction project for management and administration.

    Insurance - Confirming sufficient insurance and policies are in place before signing any agreement documents and contracts is imperative. You want to ensure that any risk of negligence or illegitimate action is covered by a reputable insurance company to avoid any extra costs or responsibilities being thrown your way. An up to date health and safety policy should also be confirmed.

    Passion - Finally, do your chosen builders have a genuine interest in your project? To have tradespeople or a construction company on board is one thing but for them to have the same passion for your build is another. Find a company that is just as excited as you are!

    What are the stages of building a house?

    Plans for your new build house and preparing the location/site will be the first things to get completed; you can’t start building without a plot! Foundations will follow; excavation of trenches, pouring cement and damp proofing will be included.

    Building the shell of your house will be an exciting process to see; at this stage, your home isn’t just drawings on paper but a physical structure. Houses can vary from timber frame to brick and block which means timeframes will depend on the chosen method. Once the walls are up, the roof frame is added, felted and tiled.

    Doors and windows will be added once the superstructure is complete. For structural integrity, all air/water leakage points will be sealed to get your house watertight. Carpentry, plumbing and electrical works will then commence, known as the ‘first fix’. External fixings and plumbing such as waterworks being connected to the mains and drive/pathways will be completed.

    Attention will turn to the inside of your home; plasterboard is fixed, a skim coat added and flooring is laid. Next will be your kitchens and bathrooms, units will be installed and plumbing fixed then doors will be hung.

    Before decorating and snagging, you’ll want to complete a thorough clean of your new home to ensure no builder’s dirt and dust interferes with painting and soft furnishings. Remember to keep a list of any knocks and scrapes you see when decorating to form your snagging list to pass to your builders to rectify.

    How do I find a good architect for my new build construction goals?

    For full construction jobs of new build properties, it’s recommended to get the assistance of a local professional architectural designer. They can help with planning the exact structure of the building and make sure that all of your goals are realistic and attainable. While we have expertise in architecture, we give you freedom to select independent contractors to perform architectural design work, if that’s the way you want to approach your project. Some talented professional architects have regularly collaborated with our clientele, including Tim Moll, Architecture ONE, LHA Architecture and Design, and Box Valley Architectural Design. The projects they have supported over the years have been a pleasure for our construction team to work on.

    For more information about how we handle the architectural design stage of our construction process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team!

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